Support and Maintenance Services In Toronto

Both Support and Maintenance are key for the success of any creative campaign or project. SkytecSolution provides the best Support and Maintenance services in Toronto. Having support and maintenance down from the outset is essential, so it helps to know exactly what we meant by our long lasting promise of ‘support’ and ‘maintenance’ before you begin.

To be the best, you have to work with the best. You need the best services in case of support and maintenance in case anything in your system goes down. We, at SkytecSolution, are determined to provide excellent services and maintain lasting partnerships with our customers. We wish to continue to improve our products and services and evolve at the same pace as your business.

We will get your digital platform up and running in the face of ‘breaking bugs’ (like something that stops people buying products on your e-commerce site at any particular time, say 1 AM). We respond quick and once we’ve reacted to your support request, there are often further, resultant tasks that will need scheduling into the maintenance work plan after the support ticket has closed.

Maintenance is scheduled work required to fix the non-urgent bugs, but still require utmost attention. It also includes adding new features. Unlike support work, maintenance releases are planned and scheduled. Regular maintenance will help you to keep up with all the new trends in business and technology.

Clients usually ask for a combination of support and maintenance, and the services often get bundled together, now that we’ve cleared the confusion regarding support and maintenance, let us guide you through our company’s policy on it:

Customer Portal: The easiest and fastest way to reach us. It’s 100% secure and can be accessed 24/7. It is free for our esteemed customers.

Correction of software defects: We cover all product corrections in case of any software bug encountered by the client. As the developers, we take full responsibility of any kind of fault in your application or website.

Regular Updates: Various add-ons and extensions will be installed on your platform as soon as they are released if they are deemed beneficial for your system by our team.

Skilled Developers: Our team of developers can identify any error related to code, design, logic, etc quickly and provide you with the best solution. This will save your precious time in which you can make more sales rather than worrying or fiddling around with your website’s code.

We have always delivered on our promise of quality as proven by our 100% client satisfaction record which cannot be achieved without having a good support and maintenance system in place. We have a track record of completing our project within the stipulated time period with unmatched quality.

We provide all kinds of support and maintenance services in Toronto:

– Adaptive: to adjust according to your requirements and your kind of software.
– Preventive: analyzing our client’s future requirements and business needs and meeting all their possible needs through advanced planning.
– Perfective: we strive to enhance your application’s performance. Our skilled team provides the effective modifications and functionalities of the websites.

We have a very cost-effective model in place for support and maintenance services in Toronto for our clients which is the best in the market. You don’t have to worry about the expenditure, we try to keep it at the minimum possible from our end to make sure our client goes home happy.