Android Game App Development services in Toronto

The demand for smartphones has seen an exponential growth in the past decade. Android is an extremely user-friendly and open source platform, which makes it easily available for customers of any age or demographic. Android games have become a great source of fun and entertainment for users of all age groups.Nd the good news is that Skytecsolution high quality Android Game App Development services in Toronto. Its not just the kids who enjoy games like Angry Birds or Subway Surfer, we have also seen adults addicted to games like Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans. New Android games are launched each day but the demand for them is still growing with the number of users. We still have plenty of game lovers who appreciate all genres of gaming.

The Google Play Store is filled with a large number of games that range from simple, like Flappy Bird, to complex, like GTA. There are key components that made these games very successful and wealthy. The main tool used for creation of Android games is the Android Studio and the language involved in development is Java. The most successful games today are simple in concept but difficult to master. A number of people do like complicated games as well but mostly they are in minority as no one really likes to spend a great deal of time on a mobile phone game. It is rather viewed as a source of fun and relaxation from the daily hectic schedule.

What makes Android so popular among both developers and users is the versatility and flexibility on offer. It is the most sought after operating system as it is completely open source and supports thousands of applications. It supports all kind of games from easy tap or swipe games to complex 3D games with motion sensor or facial recognition.

Android has more than 1.4 billion users as compared to 505 million iOS users which shows the vast potential your Android game has once it hits the Google Play store. Skytec Solution has a history of creating many 2D and 3D android games which are downloaded from the play store till date.

Advantages of Android for Game Development:

Android Game App Development services in Toronto android game app development services in toronto Android Game App Development services in Toronto android game development services in toronto

Simplicity: First and foremost, Android is the most user-friendly platform and provides a lot of options in terms of designing as well as usage. This gives the developers a wide array of options to develop the best games they can.

Revenue: A simple yet addictive Android game can always be a good source of income as it can generate a lot of revenue from ads. Nowadays, users are allowed to access limited parts of the game by viewing ads for a stipulated time period.

Popularity: A good Android game does not need much time to become popular. It can get to the top downloaded apps chart overnight.

Notifications: With push notifications, it becomes almost impossible to ignore a game of your liking. Real-time updates on screen make the users check the app at various times of the day.

Mobile Technology is the future: It is known that Android is a Google project and with Google’s backing, sky is the limit for Android. Since Google rules most of the internet, eventually it is going to push everything to mobile phones, especially Android phones so the sooner you have an app for yourself, the better it will be for you.

Why choose us for Android Game App Development services in Toronto?

  • We can help transform your business to use this new form of technology to increase revenue, productivity and marketing via Mobile apps.
  • We make the best apps. Our team of expert developers has access to the latest global tools, frameworks and SDKs. We make sure that your project is delivered on time and with full satisfaction. Proper research & analysis of requirements is conducted while working on the client’s app.
  • Trust is a key factor for long lasting partnerships. We guarantee full confidentiality of your information or data provided to us for the purpose of android game development.
  • We love the challenges you throw at us. Whatever be your requirement, our team of experts can always find the solution. Just throw us any kind of wish, and watch us come out with flying colors. We can convert your unbaked thoughts into a remarkable android game.
  • Our past user experiences have generated positive reviews thanks to our skilled developers be it in app/game development, client dealing or customer assistance after delivery. We serve in more than 30 countries worldwide and have brought smiles on our clients’ faces all across the globe.
  • We make light weight, efficient apps which are scalable to any display size and easy to run on all of your android devices. Any glitch or bug can be handled by our team ever after the final delivery.
  • Our android games are full of features such as location services, push notifications, maps integration, motion sensor, camera integration or payment gateways according to the client’s demands. We make customized android apps which are tailor-made according to your requirements.
  • We don’t believe in beating around the bush. Every form of communication is carried through in a clear and concise manner. We’re easy to communicate, your ideas and inputs are always welcome.
  • Maintenance and Support is very important to keep your applications faultless. It helps to keep your apps away from all the bugs and make them more efficient and effective to use. Our apps are compatible with every device and are easy to adapt any type of future changes in technology or the client’s requirements. We are available 24/7 for any kind of assistance you need from us. Our maintenance team makes sure  your queries are solved in a short span of time.
  • Our promise to deliver high quality Android Game App Development services in Toronto has always been the foundation for building many successful projects over the years and we provide all these services at a very modest price without any hidden costs. We vigorously test all of our apps and their modules to ensure maximum compatibility and error-free use with a number of virtual and real devices.